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Read students' stories to find out what this course is really like.

Mohammad Mohsin

It has been amazing to finally live my goal.

Studying at the University of Sunderland in London was Mohammad Mohsin’s first experience of England, and it was an experience that exceeded his expectations.

"When I was growing up, it was always my dream to come to England, and to study here. It has been amazing to finally live my goal and the MBA I am sure will help me to be a success in business in the future.

"London is a very glamorous and exciting city with a vibrant economy. As a student you really feel you are at the centre of a city where so much is going on.

"The University of Sunderland in London is surrounded by the headquarters of some of the world’s leading businesses which makes for a great place to learn. The site is also really easy to get to and there are great transport links to all parts of the city.

"Outside of study there is so much to do, whether it is clubbing or seeing one of the many attractions across the city.

"I would recommend students to choose to study this course in London – I think it is perfect!"

Somwang Sornkhachornchit

"I plan to adapt everything I’ve learned to expand my family business and grow into new areas of export and import."

Former factory manager Somwang Sornkhachornchit travelled to the UK to study business, in order to help develop the skills and expertise he needs to grow his family firm.

Originally from Thailand, Somwang first studied a diploma in business administration before applying to University of Sunderland in London to do an MBA.

"I’d heard a lot about the quality of courses provided by the University of Sunderland and the great facilities and support for students,” says Somwang.

"When I discovered the University had the option to study in London, it became an offer that’s hard to beat.

"The idea of living and studying in a huge city like London really appealed to me as I thought it would be the perfect place to gain business experience as well as get a degree from a good university.

"My time at the University has really expanded my knowledge and skills. This will help me advance my career as I plan to adapt everything I’ve learned to expand my family business and grow into new areas of export and import.

"I’ve also had the chance to experience the social side of London – travelling with my classmates to visit many major landmarks here, which has given me a real flavour of British culture."

Shakhlo Egamberdieva

Studying in London is helping me improve my skills and gain more experience with international companies.

A great reputation and a first class location were the main attractions for MBA student Shakhlo Egamberdieva.

"I chose to study at the University of Sunderland in London because of its perfect location, and I had heard so much about the reputation of the business courses," says Shakhlo.

"I love London as there is so much to see and do from visiting museums and galleries to sampling restaurants, clubs and shopping malls. The parks are great too. I also enjoy the many social aspects of living in London – what better place to be to enjoy the arts and theatre.

"Travelling to and from the University is also very easy as there is a tube station right outside the door. As a student you are only minutes from some of the best tourist attractions in the world.

"Before coming to England I worked for an oil and gas company as an import and export manager. I would love to use my work experience and the skills I am learning at university to work in England.

"Studying in London is helping me improve my skills and gain more experience with international companies. The campus is in a superb location and is surrounded by some of the biggest company headquarters in the world."

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