Each module looks at one particular topic in-depth and is taught by academic staff with specialised interests in that subject. Modules are usually taught over one term. Most courses will have a list of core modules which everyone will study, and optional modules which allow you to learn more about your particular areas of interest.

Courses are carefully designed so that there is progression from one year to the next. This means that they build on previous knowledge, and the work becomes more difficult as you move through each year.

Credits and study hours

Each module is worth a certain number of credits, depending on how much time it takes to complete. A 10 Credit module will require an average of 100 hours of study, and a 20 Credit module will require an average of 200 hours of study.

For example, all undergraduate full-time courses are worth 120 Credits over an academic year. This means that all courses require you to study around 1,200 hours over the course of a year. How you spend the 1,200 hours will depend on the types of study required by your course. Some courses involve a great deal of contact time with academic staff, while others require students to do more independent study.

All study hours are meant as guidelines. Exactly how much time you spend studying will depend on how challenging you find the module, and how motivated you are to achieve good grades.