Societies are officially sanctioned by the University and benefit from extra support such as subsidised travel and insurance.

The range of societies on offer is every growing here in London, and last year featured groups such as Business Society, Travel and Tourism, film and photography club and Bright Futures. 

As a student, if none of the current Societies take your fancy, then you have an opportunity to create your own society and find like-minded students to join and make the most of your university experience here at Sunderland in London.

Bright Futures Society

Bright Futures is a link between students and employers – helping students increase their employability and helping employers target and find the right interns and graduates for their business. Bright Futures’ University Societies are run by students for students. They enable members to learn about the wide range of career opportunities, gain valuable skills and relevant experience, and connect with leading employers. That means Society members have a crucial head-start in the increasingly competitive careers market.

Travel & Tourism Society

Student-Led society is designed to encourage networking between students as well as the tourism industry professionals ultimately to enhance your university experience. Coming together through the society will allow members, international & EU students to gain a broader perspective on how the tourism & travel sector is being handled in different countries. A fun, educational, supportive and friendly society with plenty of opportunities to develop.

Nursing Society

We are a fun, welcoming society open to everyone. Our activities include volunteering as well as socials and running events. In the coming year we aim to have greater interaction with nursing societies at other universities in London and run more events. If you would like to learn more about this amazing profession whilst meeting great people and having a lot of fun, Nursing Society is for you.

Debating Society

The primary aim of the Debating Society is to make friends and engage with interesting topics. We discuss current affairs as well as ethical and many different types topics. So come along and stand up for what you believe in. We are an open society, giving all a voice.

RAG (Raising and Giving) Society

We at RAG aim to run awesome events whilst at the same time raising money for charities. We are looking forward to working with local charities and especially women’s charities this year. We also want our members to get involved in volunteering opportunities which will not only enhance their employability but will actively help those less fortunate.