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Demystifying academic journals

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Published: 16 January 2020

What are academic journals and how can they help you get top marks in your essays?



Your assignment brief states that you need to use a range of resources to get at least a passing grade. That goes beyond borrowing and reading a book or two from the Library.

Journals are a great way to make sure you are reading beyond the subject area and getting the most up-to-date research material available.

Journals are published much faster than books with an estimated 1.8 million articles published in 28,000 journals every year.


The Library subscribes to journals in order to give you the most up-to-date, relevant and peer-reviewed material to help you succeed in your work - Andrew Tamlyn, Library Team Leader


That means they tend to cover subjects in much more detail than a book ever could, so you can base your arguments on the most accurate and latest information available. 

On top of that, the content is approved by experts in the field, so you know everything you use will be accurate.

Journals are also the most accessible way of getting the information you need. Most journals are now published online.

Because the University subscribes to journals you need for your subject areas, you will always have access to them wherever you are.

It also makes searching for the articles much easier through the University of Sunderland gateway Discover.

Make sure you log in with your University details to get full access to Discover.

For more information about accessing journals, visit the Library on the 1st floor, or get in touch