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Ten pieces of advice from ten lecturers

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Published: 22 April 2022

University of Sunderland in London student in a lecture

This month we’ve been celebrating ten years since we first welcomed students through our doors as the University of Sunderland in London. 

In that time, our academics have passed on their knowledge and advice to over 17,000 students. 

To mark the impact a whole decade of teaching has had, we’ve asked ten of our lecturers to share some of their most valuable guidance every student should know. 

Manesha Peiris, Lecturer (Postgraduate Business)  

“Starting a new course can be daunting, but keep in mind you are now engaging in a process of learning and unlearning. This can be both exciting and liberating.” 

Afzal Munna, Lecturer (Undergraduate Business) 

“Make sure you ask questions because that’s what leads to great discussions. Questions untie the knots on the rope of your thoughts, broadening your knowledge and helping you be more creative.” 

Alessandro Ferrazza, Lecturer (Postgraduate Business) 

“When taking notes put a date to it, it will be easier to make some chronological sense out of it. Don’t just go through the recommended books and journals, try and read on a wider spectrum. It will add to your knowledge.” 

Blerton Hyseni, Senior Lecturer and Programme Manager (Tourism and Hospitality) 

“Learning the theory in class is something but engaging in the extra-curricular activities [LINK] the University provides raises you to a different level. Engage.” 

Dr John Kainesie, Lecturer (Postgraduate Nursing) 

“Always set your aims clearly and work hard towards achieving them because success is only won by those with focused goals. Do not hesitate to seek help from the University staff and your colleagues when necessary.” 

Niki Koutrou, Principal Lecturer (Research and Knowledge Exchange) 

“Boost your employability by engaging with employers in your industry. Career fairs, conferences, networking, exhibitions, volunteering and job placements are all great ways to start.” 

Madhini Sivasubramanian, Senior Lecturer/Programme Manager (Postgraduate Healthcare and Nursing Programmes) 

“Be curious and learn to love research. Also, be sure to manage your time well. It’ll help you beat the stress.” 

Leda Jeliazkova, Lecturer (EAP) 

“Try to deal with the distractions that keep you from working on academic tasks. Don't underestimate the importance of putting your phone away and creating structures for your days.” 

Sue De Baccini, Lecturer (Undergraduate Nursing) 

“Don’t be scared of change. Welcome the challenge, even something simple like sitting next to someone you're not used to can bring unexpected positive experiences. Also, be curious and ask if something is not clear. Teachers always welcome interested students” 

Giuseppe Cantafio, Senior Lecturer (Academic Development APP and TEF) 

"Make the most out of your journey at the University of Sunderland in London by connecting with your colleagues from different backgrounds. And don't forget to smile! Take a second to smile when saying hi to someone. It makes a big difference to you and others when you're building your social networks." 

Have advice for incoming students? Share your expertise with the community. 

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