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Lecturer (Undergraduate Business)

I am a lecturer teaching undergraduate business courses at the University of Sunderland in London. 

With over 20 years’ experience in media and business consultancy, both in the UK and abroad, I have been teaching in higher education institutions since 2010. 

Teaching and supervision


My research interests include:  

  • - International education 

  • - Curriculum development and management 

  • - Assessment 

  • - Teaching and learning 

  • - Research methods 

  • - Inclusive education 

  • - Student engagement 

  • - International studies 

I also have an interest in how, and by whom, public policy made as well as improving decision-making and constitutional democratic structures. 


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I’m currently a doctoral researcher at the University of Bath, also serving as an education oversight consultant 

I’m also a member of several professional organisations including:  

  • - Chartered Association of Business Schools - Certified Management and Business Educator (CMBE) 

  • - Society for Education and Training - Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS), Member 

  • - Higher Education Academy – Fellow 

  • - British Educational Research Association (BERA) – Member 

  • - Journal of Education: SAGE Journal (Boston University) – Reviewer 

  • - International Journal of Asian Education (IJAE) - Editorial Board Member 

  • - International Education and Culture Studies - Editorial Board Member 

  • - Gnosi: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Human Theory and Praxis -  Editorial Board Member 

Additional Information 

  • - Foundation Diploma, Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, London, UK 

  • - APA - Advanced PC Application, NIIT 

  • - Outstanding Innovation in Teaching Award, Waltham International College (WIC), 2018 & 2019 

  • - OCR Business GCE Assessor (Cambridge Assessment) 

  • - End-Point Assessor - Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) 

  • - A Qualified External Quality Assurer, Lead Internal Quality Assurer, and Internal Quality Assurer 

  • - Selected three consecutive months, by peers and an independent consumer panel, as Employee of the Month (January – March 2009) 

  • - Achieved Personal Best & Group Best Award in Retail Sales – Kleeneze Ltd (group of Findel Plc) September 2008 

  • - Employee of the Year, Maersk Bangladesh Ltd, 2006 - 2007 

Last updated 09 August 2022