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Before you get here

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Before you come to the UK you'll need to complete a Public Health Passenger Locator Form.

The government will use the information you provide to contact you if a passenger on your flight, ship or train tests positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19).

This forms cannot be submitted until 48 hours before your arrival time in the UK.


Anyone entering England must follow the relevant rules for the country they are coming from. 

Before travelling you must: 

  • Check which list your country is on as determined by the UK Government. This will help you to find out which COVID-19 tests you need to book and pay for before you travel. 
  • Book and pay for the tests you need. Depending on the country you are travelling from and your vaccination status, you may have to take a COVID-19 test and produce a negative result before you travel. Everyone entering the country will need to take a test after they arrive—which test you need will depend on where you’re coming from and if you’re fully vaccinated. 
  • Fill out a passenger location form. You will need to provide information about where you'll be staying in England and the test package you have booked. This is so you can be notified if you are required to self-isolate according to UK Government COVID-19 regulations. 


We advise that you check the details below with your accommodation provider before committing to a contract:

  • That you can self-isolate if you need to
  • If you need to self-isolate in your accommodation:
    • All bills are set up before you arrive and the utilities, including electricity and water, are working
    • Wi-Fi is set up and working so you can keep in touch with friends and family, as well as take part in the University's online arrival activities. Please make sure you bring a suitable device that lets you engage with the University's programme (e.g. a laptop or tablet).
    • If your accommodation involves sharing a house or flat, check that your accommodation provider has taken all appropriate measures.

Take a look at our guide on our accommodation services.


PC, laptop or tablet

As some of the teaching is currently happening online, you'll need to have the correct equipment to access your programme.

We strongly advise that you use a PC, laptop or tablet to access your online teaching material. It's not recommended that you rely solely on a smartphone.

Please make sure you have a PC, laptop or tablet available before your induction.

If you don't own a PC, laptop or tablet, please look into buying one. You can also contact our Tech Guru team about borrowing a device to participate fully in your online classes.

You can get in touch with Tech Guru through the IT Service Desk.


Mobile phones

Please check your mobile phone will work in the UK. 

You may be charged international rates if you use your data, make calls or send texts. This can be very expensive, so check your plan.

Think about getting a UK SIM card or mobile plan that you can use on your arrival.

Paying for things

You might not be able to use your debit or credit card in the UK (depending on your bank). It's a good idea to have a small amount of UK currency ready for emergencies.

Your home bank might not be accepted in the UK or could incur charges if it is accepted. Check with your bank in advance.

The government is currently advising people not to use cash due to COVID-19. Please be aware that not everywhere will accept cash payments.

You're advised to bring a pre-payment card with you as you won't be able to open a UK bank account until after your self-isolation has finished.

Prepaid cards are reloadable money cards which you add cash to and top up when your funds run out.

You can use a prepaid card for in-person and online payments. They can be purchased online so you can buy one from your home country and transfer money to it before you arrive in the UK.

Pre-paid cards are designed for everyday spending and there's usually a limit to how much you can load. If you've not loaded your prepaid card, you can't spend on it.

This makes them very useful if you're trying to stick to a budget. Make sure you can use your pre-paid card in the UK before you buy it.

Some examples of pre-paid cash cards include: 

Cards with the Visa or Mastercard symbol are commonly accepted in the UK.