University of Sunderland in London

Learning from business leaders


Theoretical, classroom-based learning is an important part of any degree, but at the University of Sunderland we also strongly believe in the importance of practical work.

Experiential learning on your course

All our degrees are a blend of academic study and practical work. We consult industry specialists when we develop our courses, to ensure that what you learn is exactly what you need when you’re ready to start your career.

Depending on which course you study, you may also visit businesses in and around Canary Wharf to work on projects and to learn from business leaders in their own environment.

Workshops, masterclasses and guest talks

The very best students want more from a university experience than just a world-class degree. For this reason, we have developed a series of additional sessions which any University of Sunderland student can attend.

We invite inspirational business leaders and creative individuals into the University of Sunderland in London to deliver guest talks, workshops and masterclasses.

Some of the multi-national businesses we work with include Barclays and London Stock Exchange.

This is your opportunity to learn from some of the very best people in your chosen subject area. As well as learning from their experiences, we encourage you to network with these business leaders – meet the people who may be able to make all the difference to your future career.

The Business Enterprise Certificate

The Business Enterprise Certificate (BEC) is an additional, free, 12-week programme for students interested in starting their own business. The programme will teach you the practical skills and knowledge required for business start-up, at the centre of which is writing your own business plan based on your own idea. At the end of the course you ‘pitch’ your business idea to a panel, giving you the opportunity to receive feedback from business leaders.

For students who wish to turn their business idea into a reality, we are also offering the opportunity to receive a number of one-to-one advice/mentoring sessions with one of our business advisers.