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IT Society

Computer Science and IT Society

The Computer Science and IT society organises events and activities for anyone with a beginning or intermediate knowledge of digital technology who wants to learn new skills.

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Member benefits

As a member of the Computer Science and IT Society, you’ll be invited to exclusive events and activities including:

  • Training programmes for basic software
  • Guest speaker lectures and workshops on a wide range of IT topics including future developments in technology
  • Knowledge sharing groups focusing on staying up to date with innovative technology
  • Quizzes, pop-in sessions, practical training exercises, typing competitions and much more

Upcoming events

In summer, the society will be attending the Summer Screens at Canary Wharf organised by Canary Wharf Arts and Events.

  • TBA: SPSS (statistics software) training
  • TBA: Programming sessions (subject to demand)

Contact us

For more information, please email Student Engagement at

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