Abdul Shahid

BSc (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Abdul Shahid is a student on the BSc (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management course at the University of Sunderland in London. He tells us about his experience applying to the University as an international student.

The course is really wide-ranging which means I'll have a lot of options for areas I can work in when I graduate.

"Ever since finishing high school in my home country of India, it’s been my dream to study for my university degree abroad. A lot of my family are in the hospitality industry. For example, my dad is the Executive Chef for a major hotel in the United Arab Emirates and a lot of my extended family work in hotels as well. I think that’s where I get my love of the industry. To me, hospitality management isn’t just about cooking good food or carrying trays around hotel rooms. It’s about making your guests feel welcome and comfortable any way you can while being professional and sophisticated. The sector demands good communication, interpersonal skills, networking, problem-solving and passion. How could I not want to work in the hospitality industry?

Finding a university in one country is not easy when you’re doing it from another. But after looking around for a while, I came across the University of Sunderland in London. I really liked how wide-ranging the course is. That means I’ll have a lot of options for areas I can work in when I graduate.

Despite what people might think, university isn’t just about hitting the books. Along with the obviously amazing academic opportunities the University offers, there are loads of chances to enrich your student life by getting involved with things outside the classroom. For example, I’m a Student Ambassador. It’s a really rewarding opportunity both on a personal level and in terms of my career prospects once I graduate. I’ve had the chance to get involved with loads of different events and activities around the University, like inductions and graduations. It’s allowed me to learn new skills, have fun and add to my CV all at the same time. I feel like I’m the face of the University as a Student Ambassador. It’s great to be able to share my knowledge and experience with new students.

Studying at the University has been an amazing experience so far. I really love it here and I’ll be recommending it to all my friends and family! To any international student who might be finding it hard choosing your university, I can absolutely relate. All I can say is, really consider about the University of Sunderland in London. I’ve loved every minute of it, so don’t miss this opportunity." 

If you’re like Abdul and have a passion for Hospitality, check out our Tourism, Events and Hospitality courses, and get help and advice on applying as an international student. Visit our Student Ambassador pages if you’d like to find out how you can represent the University. 

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