Home students may also be entitled to a Maintenance Loan, which can be used for living costs. If you are an EU student who has lived in the UK or its islands for three years or more, you may also be eligible for a Maintenance Loan.

For information about funding for 2016/17 academic year, see our full-time undergraduate for UK students (in London) 2016/17 (.pdf) document.

Personal eligibility

In order to receive student finance, students must meet certain criteria on nationality, residency, age and previous study. For more information on personal eligibility, download the student finance - new full-time students 2016/17 and student finance - how you're assessed and paid 2016/17 guides.

You can also get a personalised online quote by providing some information about yourself, your course and your household income at Directgov using the student finance calculator.

How to apply

Students from England
Most full-time and part-time students can apply online to Student Finance England. You don’t have to wait until you’ve accepted on a course to apply for student finance. If you haven’t accepted a place yet, create your student finance account and apply using your first choice of course. So apply now and have everything in place for starting your course.

Students from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
There’s a different process for students from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. For more information please see Gov.uk.

Students from elsewhere in the European Union
There are loans available to help EU students, studying in England, pay the tuition fees their university charges. For more information on what you can get and how to apply, see the guide for new and continuing full-time EU students studying in England 2016/17.

Receive notification of what you will get

Once Student Finance England has assessed your application, they will send you a Financial Notification letter showing what student finance you are entitled to. This letter will include a declaration that you must sign and return to Student Finance England.

Remember to enrol with the University – Student Finance England can’t pay you until you do!

Re-applying next year

You need to apply for student finance for each year of your course. Student Finance England will contact you when you need to re-apply.

If you have any questions regarding applying for student finance, contact admissions-london@sunderland.ac.uk (0) 20 7531 7333.