London Campus student

When you successfully apply to the University of Sunderland in London you will receive an offer letter. The offer letter will confirm what tuition fee you need to pay in each year, and what scholarships you will receive.


If you are from outside of the European Union you must pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% of your tuition fee. Some courses provide a discount if you pay 100% of your tuition fee at this stage.

You should not pay the deposit until you have received the official offer letter from us. The letter will contain your applicant number, which you will need in order to pay the deposit.

The deposit must be paid before you can receive your CAS letter. This deposit becomes the first part of your tuition fee payment.

Tuition Fees & Refunds Policies 

Tuition Fee and Refund Policy 2019-20 Home-EU Full Time UoS in London

Tuition Fee and Refund Policy 2019-20 International UoS in London


There are three ways to pay your tuition fees: 

  1. Pay the full amount in full when you enrol
  2. Pay via a three payment instalment plan
  3. Pay via a seven payment instalment plan


Pay via a three payment instalment plan

You can choose to split your tuition fee payment into three amounts if you are studying a course which has a duration of one academic year or more. The first instalment date is based on the official start date of your course of study.

Course start date

Instalment 1

Instalment 2

Instalment 3


1 December

1 March

1 June


1 March

1 June

1 September


1 June

1 September

1 December


1 October

1 January

1 April

Pay via a seven payment instalment plan

If you choose to pay via seven instalments, your first and last instalment will be the same as the table above with an instalment due on the 1st of each month in between. 

A credit agreement must be completed if you wish to pay via seven instalments. This credit agreement is available during your online enrolment process or via your e:Vision account. 

Student Finance England funded students

UK and EU students can apply for a loan to pay for their tuition fees. This is managed by Student Finance England, although there is a slightly different process depending on exactly where you are from.

If you intend to apply to Student Finance England to pay your fees either in full or in part, you must inform the University at the time of enrolment. Applications for funding need to be made direct to Student Finance England and must be made for each academic year of your course of study.

For UK/EU undergraduate students: Once Student Finance England agrees to fund you, they will notify and pay the University directly for your tuition fees.

For UK/EU postgraduate students: Following your successful application for funding, you will receive the full loan amount from Student Finance and will be required to pay the University for your tuition fees. 

Until Student Finance England confirms their sponsorship of you to the University of Sunderland, you remain liable for any fees due. If Student Finance England is funding less than the full amount of your tuition fee, it is your personal responsibility to settle the outstanding amount.

Financially sponsored students

A ‘sponsored student’ is a student whose fees are being paid for by their employer or a government body. Any student being sponsored, (e.g. by a company or public sector organisation), needs to provide valid written evidence in the form of a sponsor letter of support for each academic year.

To be valid, a sponsor letter must be on the official sponsor’s letterhead and clearly state the student name, student number and the sponsorship amount. If relatives or personal friends are paying your fees, they are not official sponsors and you will be treated as a self-funded student.

If your sponsor is funding less than the full amount of the tuition fee, or withdraws the sponsorship during the financial year for any reason, it is then your personal responsibility to settle any outstanding amount.