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Student Societies

Your time at university is an opportunity to take on challenges, find new passions and meet great people along the way. Your Sunderland Students' Union in London is here to make your experience at the university valuable for life. Our goal is to make your time the best it can be, so join a society with us. 

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Your SUnderland

We are proud to have close links with the University of Sunderland in the North East - including the Students' Union 'YourSUnderland'. YourSUnderland runs over 40 different societies for students across all three campuses - everything from the Computing Society to the Parents and Carers Society.

They're also your representatives for the wider University, running campaigns on things like sustainability and proof-reading services. And they offer advice and support on a range of topics including assessments, housing and wellbeing.

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Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism Society

Whatever course you're studying, you can explore with the University in London's Travel and Tourism Society. Aimed at helping students network with tourism professionals, the society will take you on trips around the city and further afield to learn about the history and development of tourism in the UK.

Join the society today to discover new cultures and traditions, meet new people and make friends, and get discounts on major tourist attractions. For more information, you can email the society at