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Your free employability courses

Improve your professional skills with our free short courses. Gain skills in digital and social media marketing, writing business plans, marketing analyses, presentations and project management.

Digital Media Marketing

Unlock the potential of digital marketing with our engaging short course. Explore SEO, PPC, social media strategies, and analytics tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights. Open to all University of Sunderland in London students and perfect for those with a passion for digital and social media.

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Project Management

This course includes day-to-day tips and techniques for managing projects and will include project management principles. Don’t wait any longer and master the art of project management in this interactive 8-week course, designed for University of Sunderland in London students to gain essential skills and a certificate of completion.

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Introduction to Management

Elevate your managerial skills and gain confidence in your first management role with our specialised course. Collaborate with fellow aspiring managers, learn practical people management techniques, and start developing the necessary mindset for success within a day.

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Website Design with Squarespace or WordPress

Unleash your creativity with our website design short courses, tailored for University of Sunderland in London students. Learn to build stunning websites using Squarespace or WordPress templates while no prior experience is needed. Take the first step towards your online presence today.

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Business Finance Simulation

Elevate your financial acumen through our Business Finance Simulation Training. Would you want to experience the dynamics of running a pasta restaurant, make strategic choices, and strive for maximum profitability? Develop a solid understanding of finance with our training and sign up today.

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SimVenture Business Simulation

Experience the dynamic world of business with SimVenture Business Simulation Training. Start, manage, and scale a virtual business venture while honing your skills through engaging online simulations. Compete against others for the chance to win exciting prize vouchers and gain employability skills for tomorrow's workplace.

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Introduction to HR

Enhance your HR journey in just one day with our Introduction to HR course. Designed exclusively for University of Sunderland in London students, this course provides essential knowledge in HR responsibilities, recruitment, employment law, and employee welfare. Start your HR career on the right track and gain a better understanding of the field.

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