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You can contact us for information on how to apply for Clearing in October 2024. 

Call:  020 7531 7333


How to apply for Clearing?

Call us on 020 7531 7333 or sign up for support. 

Universities use Clearing to fill courses that have spaces and applicants use it to search for courses with vacancies. Clearing is your opportunity to explore your options and get another chance to apply for the course you really want to study. During Clearing, you can contact universities and higher education providers to see if they have any spaces on courses for the new academic year.

We’re here to listen and advise you on your unique journey through Clearing, to give you confidence and belief when you need it most. Sign up for support and you’ll be matched with a dedicated member of staff, who’ll be your main point of contact over the coming weeks. They’ll be on hand to offer you tailored one-on-one support, guidance, and information throughout the Clearing process.

You can apply to us through Clearing if:

  • You haven't applied for university yet, but want to start a course in September. 
  • You haven’t previously considered studying with us, but want to join us in September. 
  • You’ve applied for university, but not met the conditions of your firm or insurance choice (i.e., you aren’t holding any offers for a place at a university or college). 
  • You've changed your mind about the offer you're holding at another university or college and want to study with us instead. 
  • You’ve changed your mind about the offer you’re holding with us and want to study a different course. 

This is your choice to make, and we’ll support you to make it.



Who can use Clearing?

Clearing is open to anyone who has applied through UCAS but does not hold any offers. It’s a chance for applicants who didn’t meet the conditions of their offers to find a course. It also gives applicants who have changed their mind about the university or course they want to study to find a course. If you’re already in the UCAS system, Clearing is available to you if your UCAS Hub says ‘You are in Clearing’ or ‘Clearing has started’.

We’re here to listen and advise you on your unique journey through Clearing, to give you confidence and belief when you need it most. You can sign up for support and you’ll be matched with a dedicated member of staff, who’ll be your main point of contact over the Clearing period. They’ll be on hand to offer you tailored one-on-one support, guidance, and information throughout the Clearing process.



Key Dates

Clearing opens on Friday 5 July 2024, you can reach out to us directly to find out which courses have spaces. Alternatively find the list of clearing courses on the UCAS website. You can apply to as many universities as you want during Clearing, however, you can only accept one offer.

  • Friday 5 July 2024: Clearing opens
  • Thursday 15 August 2024: A Level, T-Level and BTEC results day
  • Thursday 22 August 2024: GCSE results day
  • Monday 21 October 2024: Final date to add your entry choices, and for the University to make the decision. 


Your Guide to Clearing


If you already have your exam results, you can apply as soon as Clearing opens on Friday 5 July. If you haven’t received your exam results yet, you’ll have to wait until you have them before you apply through Clearing.

Here’s what you need to do:

If you have already applied to universities through UCAS

Go to your UCAS Hub to see if Clearing is available to you. Once Clearing starts on Friday 5 July, your UCAS Hub will say ‘You are in Clearing’ or ‘Clearing has started’. This means that you can use UCAS Hub to look for courses that have spaces, receive informal Clearing offers from universities, and accept the offer you want.

If you haven’t applied to universities yet

You need to fill in a Clearing application. To begin your application, sign up to UCAS Hub and follow the instructions. You can start using UCAS Hub as soon as UCAS has processed your application and you’ve received an email with instructions on how to access your UCAS account. You need to pay £27.50 for your UCAS application.

Results Day can be an anxious time, especially if you’re relying on certain grades to get into your chosen university. Whether your exam results are better than you expected or not what you’d hoped for, we can help you through it. Minimise your stress with some of these things:

Have a plan B

Research universities and courses you’d consider if you don’t meet the conditions of your conditional offer before Results Day. There may be Clearing vacancies on similar courses that you aren’t aware of, so it’s worth widening your search. This means you will be well-informed on the day and therefore better able to make the right decision for you.

Follow universities on social media

Most universities have Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and X accounts. Follow them to get updates on course vacancies, Clearing, Open Days and much more.

Contact other universities

Email or call the universities you’re interested in and see if they have any events that you can attend either in person or online.

Keep documents and take notes

Keep track of your university research, contact details and Clearing hotlines so you can refer to them on Results Day.

On Results Day students receive their A-level, T-level and BTEC results. Places on courses become available because applicants don’t get the grades they need or they decide to swap to another course. It is normal to feel disappointed if you don’t get the results you wanted, but there will be options for you, so try not to be too disheartened. And remember, you’re not alone – thousands of students go through Clearing.

Results Day is very busy, it’s a good idea to plan in advance to make the most of the opportunities and help ease any stress.

As soon as your results are released, your UCAS Hub will be updated with one of the following:

  • Unconditional – Your university place has been confirmed. This may be your firm offer, insurance offer or both.
  • Unsuccessful – You have not been accepted by the university where you had a conditional offer. You’re now eligible to enter Clearing.
  • Unconditional Changed Course (UCC) – You don’t have the grades for your offer, but the university has offered a similar course which you do have the grades for.


Results Day timeline

8am - Exam boards release A-level, T-level and BTEC results. UCAS receives the results directly and your UCAS Hub will be updated. 

8am - University Clearing lines open. 

1pm - Applicants can add their Clearing choice on their UCAS Hub. 

A good place to start is to check out ‘How to prepare for Results Day’ to see what you can do beforehand. Here’s what you can do in the final lead-up and on the actual day to benefit the most from Clearing.

Look after yourself

Find things to take your mind off your exam results in the days leading up to the day by doing things you like. This can be spending time with loved ones, exercising or enjoying your favourite hobbies. Try to get a good night’s sleep the night before to make sure you’re fully rested.

Be ready to go at 8am when Clearing lines open

Check your internet connection, make sure you have a fully charged mobile phone (and charger), and have the following information to hand:

  • Your UCAS number and details of your conditional offers
    University Clearing telephone numbers
  • UCAS Clearing telephone number
  • Your A-level, T-level and BTEC results
  • Your GCSE results
  • A notepad and pen
  • Notes from the research you have done beforehand
  • A list of questions to ask course tutors
  • Your personal statement.


Limit social media

Everyone’s journey is different and it’s best for your wellbeing to focus on your own plans.

Take your time

Most universities will give you a few days to accept or reject an offer so don’t rush your decision. Ask universities how long you have to accept their offer, ask about the course and see if there are any Clearing Open Days you can attend in the coming days.

Get support and help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Speak to your loved ones and reach out to the universities and support services.



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Open Days and Clearing events

Join us on campus at one of our upcoming Open Days:

Thursday 18 June, 2:30pm-4:30pm

You can also find all of our Open Days and discover all we have to offer. Speak with our lecturers, Student Union and students to find out what it's really like studying with us.

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