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Call recording statement

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We record most of our incoming and outgoing telephone calls. We do this for quality and training purposes, and to help with managing complaints and investigations. If you would prefer not to be recorded, please contact us using Compass or in person.

Call recordings are held for 4 months and then deleted. The management and storage of call recordings adheres to our data policy.

For further information please see our data protection statement on recorded calls below.


Data protection statement on recorded calls:

USIL data protection statement on recorded calls

Which calls does this refer to?

We record most of our incoming (internal and external) telephone calls that are handled by our Reception, Gateway and Library teams.

Why are calls recorded?

The purpose of call recording is to support improvements to our service delivery to students. Call recordings will be used for quality and training purposes, complaints management and resolution, and informal or formal investigations where appropriate.

How will call recordings be used?

Quality and training – using call recordings enables us to identify good practice and areas for development in 1-1s and as part of training. Listening to samples and using anonymized transcripts supports training.

Complaints and investigations – In the event of a complaint or dispute, a call recording (if available), may provide additional information to help us investigate any allegations. A recording may become a vital piece of evidence in the event of any investigation.

How have we informed our customers that we record calls?

This statement is published on our website.

Customers who call USIL hear a recorded message to inform them they are being recorded and to let them know where to get more information and of alternative routes if they prefer not to be recorded.

On outbound calls our staff notify students and others they call that their call is being recorded and obtain permission to proceed.

How do we manage call data and protect call recordings?

We comply with legislative requirements and work within university policy regarding data protection and information security.

Our telephony provider has provided assurances regarding the security of the recorded data for the period it is held.

Call recordings are retained for 4 months after which time they are deleted.

Access to call recordings is strictly limited and managed.

The University of Sunderland Data Protection Officer is Sam Seldon. Should you have any concerns or comments around how your data is being used please contact the Data Protection Officer by email