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Applicants with a disability

We are fully committed to the principles of equality, diversity and applicants with disabilities or medical conditions with all our applicants. We ensure that all reasonable adjustments and support can be put in place where appropriate. We can meet your requirements related to a disability on your application.

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What does disability mean?

At university, a disability means any health condition which has lasted, or is likely to last, twelve months or more which may have a negative impact on your studies even if it is fluctuating.

This includes, but is not limited to, long term health conditions, sensory impairments, mobility difficulties, mental health difficulties (such as anxiety and depression) and autistic spectrum condition. It also includes specific learning difficulties such as ADHD and dyslexia. If you have, or think you might have any of these, please do get in touch.

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Assistance for disabled applicants

If you tell us about a disability on your application this will help us ensure we can meet your needs and will prompt us to send you more information about our services.

If you would like to discuss your individual needs or have questions about the support that might be available to you, please contact us at any stage of the application process at

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Disabled Student Allowance (DSA)

If you are a UK student you may be eligible for Disabled Student Allowances. These are government grants which can contribute towards the extra costs of studying at university with a disability. They may be able to fund specialist equipment, software, travel expenses or even human support. We strongly advise all students and applicants with disabilities to apply and we are happy to help you do so.

Overview of the DSA

Information on how to claim DSA

Help finding a DSA assessment centre

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Health and Wellbeing

We take our students' health and wellbeing seriously. We know, as you do, that students need to be healthy and happy in order to fulfil their potential and maximise their chances of getting that dream job. Read more about the support offered by our Health and Wellbeing team.