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Our library is a treasure trove of resources. You can easily locate the physical library on the first floor of Marsh Wall building, where you'll find plenty of knowledgeable staff eager to help you. The online library offers electronic books, journals, and databases galore.


Where is the London Library?

We ensure your needs are met. Whether you are a student, academic or an international research community we have a wide range of library services and resources available.

You can find a resources, including books, journals, and databases to help you with your work, dissertation and exam preparation.

Our librarians are available to help you find the correct information from guidance with copyright rules, citing and referencing, news, collection of data and statistics, and many more.

Our academic library is located on the first floor of the Marsh Wall building.

We operate from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, with an Academic Librarian based in the library office. 


Resources available to you

The University's library resources include books, journals, databases, and more. Our library staff offer support in locating, accessing, and utilising these resources, along with tailored assistance for specific subject areas. 

The University's library resources include:

  • Print books: available in the physical library on the first floor, accessible whenever the building is open
  • Online books, journals, databases, and more: accessible 24/7 through our online library
  • Subject-specific resources: accessed directly through the London Library website.