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Shaping Future Marketers: Nazal Noushad's Journey at the University of Sunderland in London

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Published: 14 June 2023

Nazal pursued his Master's in Business Administration (MBA), specialising in Marketing, at the University of Sunderland in London. Explore Nazal's incredible journey from our esteemed institution to the forefront of our dynamic marketing team. 

"I am an Indian who was born and brought up in Dubai. I relocated to London for my
postgraduate studies at UoSiL. During my free time, I have a strong passion for travelling, exploring and capturing them.

One of the key reasons I chose the University of Sunderland in London was the modules they offered for their marketing programme, particularly the Digital Marketing module. In addition, the university’s location in Canary Wharf, famous for its modern architecture and lively business district, was something I couldn't avoid."

"I am grateful for the UoSIL's various professional development offerings, including training sessions, short courses and a personalised development plan. So far, my experience at the university has been an amazing learning opportunity, and I anticipate furthering my growth and progress throughout the rest."
Nazal Noushad, MBA (Marketing)

"Studying at the University of Sunderland in London campus is a fantastic option for those who desire to gain an impressive education in a remarkable city that can help prepare them for success in their future careers. 

I was drawn to this programme because I was passionate about the field of marketing. It is a dynamic field requiring creativity, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills. An MBA in Marketing gave me a good grasp of consumer behaviour, market research, brand management, and digital marketing. 

I believe the university puts its students in a great position to gain knowledge of diverse cultures, perspectives, and experiences. Being exposed to all these things encourages us to look past our pre-existing beliefs and ideas, resulting in an open-mindedness and understanding of other people's points of view. 

I am deeply passionate about exploring diverse horizons in marketing, and my aspiration for the future is to secure a position as a brand manager with a prestigious consumer goods company. I earned an MBA in Marketing from the University of Sunderland in London, and I am certain that this programme has equipped me to achieve my dreams in brand promotion. Thanks to this qualification, I have the knowledge, aptitude, and proficiency required to succeed in this enthralling and ever-changing field. 

I am sure that this opportunity at UoSIL will give me the tools I need to reach my professional aspirations, and I'm eager for the chances and issues that await me. It is with dedication that I plan to take full advantage of this rewarding educational experience. 

This journey has given me the liberty to propose fresh concepts and techniques, which in turn allows me to demonstrate my creativity and enthusiasm for marketing, making it an immensely gratifying experience. 

The best part about the working environment is particularly the fact that I'm working with an incredible line manager who never hesitates to offer assistance and support. Her guidance has been invaluable to me in terms of career growth, and she is always on hand to provide valued advice and offer constructive feedback. This has enabled me to become a more competent worker and progress professionally. 

I would advise future students not to overlook any opportunity for learning or gaining experience. Every chance, no matter how seemingly minor at first, has the potential to offer something valuable."


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