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Scholarships, discounts and bursaries

At the University of Sunderland in London, we believe in helping you gain access to your education. With that in mind, we have a comprehensive programme of scholarships, discounts and bursaries to help you fund your studies and get the most out of your student experience.

Whether you're a home student, joining us from overseas, are studying with us already or coming back to the University after graduating, we have scholarships for you. We're also proud of our range of support for students going through hardship.

Scholarships and bursaries for home students

We're helping support you as home students in going after your goals. Check out our range of scholarships for carers and mature students, as well as the bursary and FE Progression scheme.

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Fee waivers for International students

As an international student, you have access to a number of scholarships to make studying in London a little easier. Take a look at our International Student Fee and European Student Fee scholarships.

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Scholarships for current students

While you're studying at the University of Sunderland in London, we want to give you every opportunity to excel and reach your goals. That's why we have a number of funds just for you. Find out more about what you can get through the University's Future Fund.

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Scholarships for Alumni

At the University of Sunderland in London, we're proud of the number of our students who go on to study for higher degrees with us. That's why we want to help make being an alumni student easier with our Alumni Loyalty Scheme.

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Student Support Fund

We know that studying can be difficult, especially when unforeseen circumstances get in the way. But we also believe that removing barriers to your education is an important part of our community. The University's Student Support Fund is a discretionary fund which can, depending on circumstances, provide students with a non-repayable award to support them with unforeseen costs or changes to their financial situation.  

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