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Employability Skills: Work Ethic

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Published: 12 November 2020

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A good work ethic isn’t just an important thing to show off to future employers, it can be the key to success at university too.

Every course, whether it’s in accounting, nursing or an MBA, requires you to do written assignments and prepare for your classes with readings.

That means you’ll need to work hard and stay disciplined to make the most out of your degree.

Five features of a good work ethic

1) Being on time

The old English saying ‘the early bird catches the worm’ applies here. The people that achieve the most are the ones who turn up when they’re meant to and are prepared for the day ahead. If you’re not there, you can’t learn. And if you turn up late, you’re less likely to be doing your best. Punctuality is the start of a good work ethic, but luckily, it’s very easy to address.

2) Set goals

Before you achieve your goals, you need to know what they are. Whether you’re writing an essay or trying to finish off your reading list, being goal-oriented will help you improve your work ethic. Stay dedicated to achieving success and recognise that reaching your goals takes lots of little steps, not just one big one.

3) Work hard

A fundamental part of having a good work ethic is dedication. At university that could mean staying behind after class to ask your lecturer something or finding readings from other sources not on your reading list (known as ‘reading around the subject’). That little extra effort you put in could set you apart.

4) Stay positive

Coming to a task with a negative attitude is no help to you. You’re already fighting against yourself if you do this. But staying positive and believing in yourself not only helps you, it can inspire others as well. You’ll be welcome on group projects, encouraging better work from your peers and ultimately getting higher marks.

5) Accomplishment

It’s true that the more you achieve, the more you’ll be asked to do. That’s the sign of a top employee and someone with a really great work ethic. If you’re accomplishing your goals at university, and late in the workplace, it’s likely to be recognised, acknowledged and rewarded. That’s the building block of future success.

A great work ethic is something that will always be noticed, not just by your lecturers and other students, but by your future employers as well.

Develop your work ethic now while you’re studying at the University of Sunderland in London and make it a habit you take into your future.

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