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Winter Graduations - Celebrating the Class of 2024

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Published: 9 February 2024

Southwark CathedralWelcome to our first graduation ceremony for 2024. Our winter graduations took place over the course of two days, where we celebrated our graduate’s culmination of years of hard work and dedication. It's a testament to the resilience, dedication, and triumph of our students.  

Our staff, lecturers, and guests (dressed sophisticatedly) gathered at the Southwark Cathedral to celebrate the successes of our students. It’s a time for the entire university community to come together, so we invite all students, faculty, alumni, and families to join us in honouring the achievements of the Class of 2024.

Let's make our graduations in 2024 an event to remember, with heartfelt celebration of achievements, and bright futures ahead. 

We are so pleased and proud of everyone graduating here today, because what we are celebrating is the commitment, the enthusiasm, the engagement of what our students brought to their studies and through all that they have achieved, they are ready to leave and make a difference for the better to the world around them.

Graduation Like No Other 

Winter Graduations 2024-2

Our graduates overcame unprecedented challenges, showing remarkable adaptability and strength. With these qualities are at the forefront of their celebrations, ensuring we mark this occasion with the grandeur it deserves.  

Welcoming our new Chancellor at the University of Sunderland

Leanne Cahill, UoS Chancellor

I am delighted to be here to recognise the remarkable achievements of our Class of 2024. Through their commitment, professionalism and hard work, our graduating students can leave here proud of all they achieved and ready to make a difference in the world around them.

Leanne Cahill, Chancellor of the University of Sunderland


Looking Ahead 

SU President Winter Graduations 2024

As our winter graduations come to a close, we look forward to the graduate’s future. Graduating in the new year is about embracing the moment with joy and warmth. Wherever you are celebrating virtually or in-person, the key is to ensure all our graduates feel celebrated and supported as they step into their next chapter.  

Our graduates start to embark on their new journey, equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for their careers. Don’t forget the amazing student experiences and friends they’ve met along the way. We’re excited to see where their paths will lead and how they will change the world. 

Highlighting Success Stories 

Winter Graduations 2024-1

We will be sharing success stories of our graduates across our university’s platforms. These stories will highlight the diverse paths our students have taken to reach this point, celebrating their perseverance, innovation, and success. 

Celebrating Virtually 

We made sure everyone could take part in the celebrations virtually, so you can also be a part of the celebrations regardless of your location. Check out our live streams for the event. 


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