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Twitter accounts for students

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Published: 7 December 2020

Twitter on a phone

As social media sites go, Twitter is one of the biggest. With over 340 million users and 500 million tweets sent every day, there are plenty of reasons to check it out.

But can it be used to help you with your studies? The short answer is yes!

Because there are so many people on Twitter, you can almost guarantee that your subject is being talked about by at least a few people.

We’ve listed the top ten Twitter accounts you need to be paying attention to as a student at the University of Sunderland in London.

1) The University of Sunderland in London


We’ll talk about our favourite account first! This is your University’s home on Twitter. We share loads of content, from news and events to retweets of accounts like the University of Sunderland and the Students’ Union and offers. Follow us to stay informed on the very latest from your University.

2) UniDays


UNiDays is an app dedicated to helping you find the very best student deals and discounts around. Although their website is well worth checking too, their Twitter account is fun to follow just for some light comic relief when you’re getting stuck into your studies. Along with regularly highlighting their latest deals, they share tweets and memes from students around the world, so you know you’re not alone!



The world’s leading dictionary, for when you really need to know the meaning of a word, or just for some fun. Their Twitter account shares definitions and articles for the budding wordsmith among you. It can be a source of inspiration if you’re looking to improve your assignment writing or just a good way to spend your off-time.


@Student gives you news and life hacks suitable for international students. Some of their best include an in-depth look at setting up a UK bank account to life hacks about travel around the country.

5) Student Eats


Food is vital for your studies – you can’t study well on an empty stomach! That’s why Students Eats is there to help you, giving you quick recipe inspirations to suit the student budget.

6) Fast Company


If you’re studying business and already use Twitter you might’ve heard about Fast Company. Their belief is that businesses should be forces for positive change in the world. They share stories about innovative companies and new businesses you should know.

7) World Tourism Organization


Any tourism student should be keeping their eye on the latest news coming out of the world’s leading agency for their industry. UNWTO is the UN’s department dealing with tourism and sustainable development.

8) Nursing and Midwifery Council


This is the Twitter account for the professional regulator for the nursing sector. If you’re studying one of our Nursing and Health courses, you’ll find interesting discussions on things like person centred-nursing and self-care.



The official account for, a global community of engineering minds you should be paying attention to if you’re studying the MSc Engineering or MSc Project Management. They share stories about the latest technological innovations as well as news from the wider industry every future manager needs to know.

10) Guardian Jobs


When it’s time to start looking for a job after you graduate, Twitter is a great place to begin. Of course, it’s a useful way to build your network. But there are also loads of accounts dedicated to highlighting the most exciting careers. One of the best is the Guardian’s jobs page.

Twitter is an interesting and diverse community, but it’s all based on who you follow and the stories you care about.

Take some time to look around it, find the people you’re interested in hearing from and build your network.

You can follow the University on Twitter, FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn using #WeAreSunLon for all the latest news and events you need to know about.