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Which MBA should I choose?

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Published: 17 April 2020

University of Sunderland in London students in a lecture

An MBA at the University of Sunderland in London is the natural next step if you’re thinking about going into business when you finish your studies. We have a number of MBA (or Master of Business Administration) courses to choose from, covering everything from Human Resources to Cybersecurity. But which one is right for you? We’ve broken down each of our ten MBA degrees so you can understand the differences and decide which one you want to study.

MBA Master of Business Administration)

This is our broadest MBA. Whether you’ve just finished your first degree or want to improve your knowledge after years in the workforce, this course gives you the information you’ll need to take those next steps. It’s the perfect choice if you want to keep your options as open as possible.

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MBA (Dissertation only)

If you’ve already completed a postgraduate course, you might be able to top it up to a full MBA with this degree. As the name suggests, there’s only one module here - the dissertation. You’ll get the same high-quality support from our staff but without the need to do the modules covered in the main MBA.

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MBA (Finance)

Like most of our specialist MBA courses, the Finance course covers the same topics as the main MBA, but with the addition of a module on ‘Management, Accounting and Control’. You’ll learn about financial skills, business ideas and the economy. All of which puts you in a good place to take on senior management roles in the competitive financial sector.

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MBA (Human Resource Management)

Human Resources is one of the most important parts of any organisation. They’re responsible for recruitment, placing staff in their roles and coordinating the administration of a company. Our Human Resource Management MBA includes the option to study either international human resources or development change in organisations, so you can focus your learning to the area of HR you’re most interested in.

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MBA (Marketing)

Like HR, Marketing is a vital part of any modern company. With the rise of the internet, Marketing can include everything from running a website and social media to Public Relations and print media. The degree is about getting the message of your company out there, creating a brand and competing against other companies for the interest of your audience. Our course looks at all of this with modules on e-Marketing and international Marketing.

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MBA (Supply Chain Management)

An MBA in Supply Chain Management teaches you how to organise the processes of a company from beginning to end. It focuses on how to reduce costs and increase profits for every part of a company. That means good Supply Chain Managers are always in demand. Our course takes a global approach, looking at the practicalities of managing a business across multiple countries.

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MBA (Enterprise and Innovation)

For many companies, progress comes from innovation - the process of coming up with new and creative solutions to existing problems. An MBA in Enterprise and Innovation sets you up to be a thought leader in business, which means you’ll be able to help companies solve their problems, increase their profits and make bigger impacts. Our course includes modules on entrepreneurship and using technology to manage change.

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MBA (Hospitality Management)

The global hospitality sector is one of the largest industries in the world, worth over $500 billion. That makes it a really exciting industry to be involved in, but also one of the most competitive. That’s where an MBA can give you the edge. Hotels, tourist destinations, restaurants and more are constantly looking for experienced, qualified managers. Our MBA, with modules focused specifically on the management of hospitality businesses, gives you that experience.

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MBA (Cybersecurity)

An MBA in Cybersecurity is an interesting and increasingly important degree for the modern business world. Cybercrime is a huge issue for companies that affects every sector, from finance to healthcare. Businesses look for knowledgeable managers to run their cybersecurity and make sure they’re safe. Our MBA in cybersecurity looks at how to manage risk and threats in digital systems, making you the ideal candidate for top-level cybersecurity roles.  

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MBA (Top-Up)

Our MBA Top-Up is your fast track to top positions in big business. The course is aimed at people with either a BTEC in Management Studies or an Executive Diploma from the Chartered Management Institute. It’s made up of modules, looking at financial and international management, along with the MBA dissertation. If you’re already on the management path, this MBA gives you the competitive edge over other candidates.

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Whatever MBA you choose, you’ll be giving yourself the tools you need to compete in the global business world. An MBA is the most recognised and looked for degree for management professionals, and with the University of Sunderland in London, you’ll be getting an experienced, professional education in a supportive and welcoming community.

Take your next step and apply to a postgraduate degree. For current students with a 2:2 degree or higher, you’re entitled to an Alumni Scholarship of £1,000. For more information, email For more information about our MBAs, along with our other degrees, visit our course pages and apply today. 

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