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Return to the classroom

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Published: 23 October 2020

Stay Safe Ambassadors

It’s been a long few months, but finally, life at the University of Sunderland in London is starting to return to something a little like normal. 

From Monday 26th October you’ll be invited back into your lecture rooms for face-to-face teaching. 

Although we’re excited to see you all again, we want to make sure any return to campus is done in the safest, most sensible way possible. 

With that in mind, we’ve put in place a few extra measures tensure social distancing, tracking numbers of people on campus and cleanliness of the building. 


All your lectures will be done on a hybrid system.  

This means that some of your classes will be in person and others will continue to be online. 

That will help us keep numbers down so we can socially distance in the rooms. 

Student Services 

As before, you’ll have access to all our Student Services.  

That includes Health and WellbeingCareers and EmployabilityThe Gateway, the Library and all the study spaces. 

To use them, you will have to book an appointment. You can do this through Compass. 

Getting in and out 

We have a one-way system in place throughout the whole campus. 

For that to work, you’ll come in through the back of the building (Thames Quay entry) and leave via the Marsh Wall exit (opposite the DLR line). 

The system has been updated recently, so make sure you pay particular attention to the signs. 

Stay Safe Ambassadors 

To help you with campus signage, as well as to answer any COVID-19 questions you might have, we’ve brought in several Stay Safe Ambassadors. 

You’ll be able to spot these students and staff members by their bright blue t-shirts. 

They’ll direct you around the building and help make sure everyone is safe while on campus. 

Face masks 

We strongly encourage you to wear a face-covering when you're moving around communal areas and in classrooms.

You must wear your mask in the Faith Rooms on Floors One and Three.

You’ll be able to collect your two free masks from Reception or The Gateway.  

If you are exempt from wearing a covering, you can collect a badge saying so at the same places. 

Cleaner campus 

As before, there are hand sanitiser stations across the whole of the building. 

We have also increased the cleaning programme across campus, meaning a safer space for everyone. 

Finally, we’ve added extra plastic screens across all study and meeting places as well as at all our Student Services.  

We are working hard to make sure you can come back to campus in as safe a way as possible. Please take a look through our updated COVID-19 Guidance pages and FAQs for more information. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us on: 

You can also get in touch on FacebookTwitterInstagram or LinkedIn using #WeAreSunLon. 

See you soon!