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Engineering Management MSc

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Course overview

Build on your technical background while adding business and management skills, including project control and quality optimisation. Develop the combination of technical knowledge and management expertise that are required to successfully deliver multi-million-pound projects. Equip yourself to lead a technical team to deliver on time and on budget.

  • CID158
  • Full
  • Postgraduate
  • 12 months
    • 28 October 2019
    • 3 February 2020

Download a copy of the 2019/20 prospectus here

You will build on your technical background while adding business and management skills. These skills include project control, supply chain management, risk management and quality optimisation. You will also develop the ‘soft’ skills of working with others and leading projects, including expertise in negotiation and collaboration, effective communication, handling conflict and politics, and managing change.

This course involves a real-world project that is supported by a sponsor and will include both a research and a practical element. It is an opportunity to impress not only your academic assessors but also potential employers.

We use a wide variety of teaching and learning methods which include lectures, group work, research, discussion groups, seminars, tutorials and practical laboratory sessions. Compared to an undergraduate course, you will find that this Masters requires a higher level of independent working. Assessment methods include individual written reports and research papers, practical assignments and the Masters project.

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