Omar Mentesh

BA (Hons) Business Management and Entrepreneurship (Top-Up)

Omar Mentesh went from studying for his HND and raising a newborn to joining the University of Sunderland in London during COVID-19 to develop his entrepreneurial skills. In his case study, he tells us about the challenges, triumphs and highlights behind his time with us.

I know that with everything I’m learning I’ll be able to secure a brilliant future for myself and my family.

“I started pursuing my academic interest in business through a Higher National Diploma (HND). But my initial studies became a bit more complex when, during that degree, my son was born.

It was both a challenging and wonderful time because I was learning two things at once – business and how to be a father.

Then, when I came to the University of Sunderland in London, COVID-19 hit and I had to meet a whole new challenge.

I had to work out how to study, complete assignments and raise a child, all while doing everything from home.

There were times when it wasn’t easy, but the support I received from the University has really helped.

The lecturers and non-academic staff around the campus have worked so hard to give my fellow students and me everything we need for our online lessons.

I honestly can’t thank them enough.

The driving force behind me starting the BA (Hons) Business Management and Entrepreneurship (Top-Up) course is simple.

I have this curiosity about successful people and their personalities. I want to learn what makes them tick.

Obviously, hard work is essential. But I really want to know what makes one person more profitable than another.

I figure, with knowledge like that, I can make a success of whatever I do in the future.

Running my own business is the number one thought in my mind right now, though I’m not sure what it would look like yet.

But I know that with everything I’m learning I’ll be able to secure a brilliant future for myself and my family.

Originally, it was the course title that drew me to the subject. But once I started looking into the University, I was impressed with its teaching reputation and the focus on diversity and inclusion.

I was a little nervous about some of the modules to start with. For example, I really didn’t think Business Analytics would be for me.

But the tutors had been so understanding and really helped me master the concepts, so I now feel a lot more confident.

As well as I’ve coped studying under lockdown, I’m looking forward to coming back to in-person lessons just because that’s where I study the best.

For anyone thinking about enrolling at the University of Sunderland in London, don’t delay what you can do today. Just do it. You’ll love it.

My experience has been amazing, with the staff and lecturers just being the support network I needed to complete my assignments under these testing time.”

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