Winifred Nasaja

BA (Hons) Business Management and Entrepreneurship (Top-Up)

Winifred Nasaja is a student at the University of Sunderland in London, studying for her Top-Up degree in Business Management Entrepreneurship. She tells us about how what she’s learning is helping her set up her own company.

The Top-Up degree is helping me understand how to manage a business successfully.

“Like a lot of people on the Top-Up course, I came to the University after completing a Higher National Diploma in business.  

actually started with another degree, this time in beauty therapy and before that I worked in the health sector.  

I’ve had roles in a few social services, mostly working with organisations to help them set up and run their HIV and AIDs policies.  

That included things like coordinating World AIDs Day events as well as deciding where funding could best be used.  

I feel like the job I did helped a lot of people, but the time came where I realised, I wanted to work for myself.  

I still had a desire to help the most vulnerable, but I wanted to do it my way.  

That’s why I applied to do a degree, to get the skills and knowledge I’ll need to make my business a success.  

I’m in the process of setting up my company, Age Better, right now.   

I wanted to combine my passions for health work and beauty therapy to give older people the chance to improve their mental and physical health through beauty.  

The Top-Up degree is helping me understand how to manage a business successfully.   

What I’ve learned so far has been incredibly useful and I’ve really enjoyed it.  

In particular, I’ve found theories about managing people, like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, very useful.  

I can see how this and other information I’m learning on the course will help me be a better leader and grow my business the way I want.  

I’m also someone that has some underlying health conditions, which has been extremely tough.  

The lockdown didn’t help, but I’m so grateful to have had the Health and Wellbeing team there to support me.  

I’ve really appreciated being able to book an appointment to see them face-to-face now that the building is opening up a bit more 

I love the campus. The facilities are really good, and the location is brilliant. I enjoy going across the road and spending time by the water surrounded by the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf.”  

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