Case Study

Helena Baafi Mensah

MBA Human Resource Management

Helena’s dream is to become an entrepreneur. With her MBA in Human Resource Management, she’s on her way to making that dream a reality. She tells us about her journey and her excitement going into graduation.

I’m the kind of person that wants to take a risk. If I fail at least I can learn from what went wrong and try again.

Published 26 June 2020

“I’m originally from Ghana but moved to Italy when I was 13. I did all my studies and my first degree in Italy, then I moved to the UK for employment. I’m the kind of person who always wants to take a risk. I think that if I fail I can learn from what went wrong and try again.

I chose the MBA in Human Resource Management because I want to go back to Ghana to start a retail and property management business there. My aim has always been to be an entrepreneur. My studies at the University of Sunderland in London have helped a lot in making that dream a reality. I’ve learned a lot of theory, but I’ve also done a lot of practical workshops that have helped with my own business. I’ve learnt how to design everything from marketing and business plans to simple things like logos. It’s not just a theoretical knowledge that the University gives you. The practical projects you do in class give you the experience you need to become a better business person.

I’m an intern with the student administration department at the University. I was a little nervous about applying for the internship when I saw it advertised. I was writing my dissertation and I was working full time. I was always in the library doing my work in what free time I had. But I thought I should go for it anyway. Amazingly, it went well. I’m really enjoying my internship. I have my own projects, but I’m also working closely with the team on a wide range of daily activities. 

I’m feeling really excited about graduation. I put so much effort into this degree, more than I have for anything else. To the students graduating with me, we made it! Through everything else going on in our lives, we made it. We have our degrees, we have the experience we need to enter into our careers. We did it, we made it and we’re ready to make our impact on the world.”

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