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Writing a personal statement with little experience

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Published: 1 April 2021

Person writing their personal statement

When you apply to study at the University of Sunderland in London, you’ll have to send in a personal statement.

This goes a long way to showing off the kinds of things you’ve done that would make you an ideal student to join our community.

But what if you’re not sure your experience is enough to fill out the application and put you on the path to achieving your goals?

Not to worry. We know it’s not always possible to get a lot of experience before you apply to university.

Follow these three tips to make sure you’re showing off the best you have to offer and give yourself the chance you deserve.

1) Be passionate

One thing we always look out for are students that really care about the course they’re applying for.

We don’t expect you to be an expert on the subject, that’s why you’re coming to study with us.

Whether it’s one single event that drove you to want to learn more about International Business Management or you’ve always dreamed of a career in Tourism, you’ll need to tell us about it with enthusiasm.

It could be as simple as just enjoying the subject at school – but explain why you liked it.

Going along with that is showing off an understanding of the course. We want to know you get what you’ll be learning.

That means go further than talking about the topic, look at the modules and learn everything you can so you’ll be prepared when you sit down to write the application.

2) Speak with us

You might not have work experience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some industry insights.

Reaching out to our staff is a really good way of getting advice not only on the course but about the area you want to eventually work in.

You can book a personal consultation to find out more or visit us on one of our Open Days and speak to your potential lecturers there.

It would also be worthwhile speaking with other students to find out about their experiences on the course.

Another benefit of this process is you’ll be growing your network, which is useful when looking for jobs after you graduate.

3) Follow the news

Understanding what’s happening in your industry is part of having an interest in your subject area.

Talking about the latest news and trends will go a long way to demonstrating that you have a passion for the topic.

Look into the main challenges of the industry at the moment and how the profession has changed over time.

Google the sector, look it up on social media, find the major companies and learn what they offer.

Write about the things you’ve found interesting during your research and why.

You’ll be demonstrating your ability to think critically which is something both the University and employers look for in applicants.

Experience is a really good thing to have when you apply for your course, whether that’s from years working in an industry or just through life.

But don’t forget that passion and drive for learning about the subject you’re applying for is equally important.

If you have any questions on the application process, get in touch with our Student Recruitment team.

And good luck! Find out more by following #WeAreSunLon on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.