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Five years

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Published: 7 October 2017

2017 marks five years since the University of Sunderland announced plans to open the London campus near the heart of Europe’s financial centre. Having long provided a successful and welcoming environment for International, EU and Home students in Sunderland, the aim was to deliver the same excellent teaching and student experience to London’s Canary Wharf. Since launching in 2012, our student population has risen each year, and now over 5,000 people can call themselves alumni of the University of Sunderland in London.

Delivering a range of business-related undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, as well as a range of nursing and healthcare courses, we have four student intake cycles a year to meet growing demand.

Ruth Wilson, Head of Services for Students and Marketing, said: “I am delighted to have been a founding member of the senior management team and to have seen London grow, change and develop into the thriving and exciting student and staff community it now is.

“I am so proud of everything we have achieved here in London, we modelled our approach on the good practice we learned in Sunderland but gave it a unique London twist." Ruth continues. 

"I think our staff and students are exceptional and working with them every day is a real inspiration for me. My vision is to continue doing what we are good at, working closely with our students, always listening to their views and ideas and growing our fantastic student and staff community.”

University of Sunderland Chief Operating Officer, Steve Knight, said: “Since launching the University of Sunderland in London in 2012, our reputation as a provider of first-class higher education and globally-recognised qualifications has continued to grow.

“Bringing a slice of our Sunderland approach to London and having a physical presence in such an economically important area has raised our profile significantly. Our Canary Wharf site has opened up a range of new opportunities and attracts students from the UK and over 100 countries.

“We are continuously developing new opportunities for our University community to benefit from our presence in London - such as our Student Mobility Pilot, which saw 250 Sunderland students experience life in London this summer.

“Celebrating the fifth anniversary of the University of Sunderland in London is an opportunity to thank the team for their flexible and innovative approach and for bringing our long-established ‘Life-Changing’ ethos to the capital.”

Alan Hardie, Director of University of Sunderland in London, added“The University of Sunderland in London stands out as being academically strong with broad and integrated support services wrapped around it. I think because of our size we have a very close affinity to many of our students, seeing them every day.

“London is a unique city so there are plenty of opportunities including growing our reputation and the size of the operation, as well as providing a further platform for the University as a whole to benefit from. The challenges are there, but our strategic plan is about growth and innovation and these ambitions sit really well with London. I hope our London operation can grow and prosper. Success to me is embedding high-quality teaching and learning and seeing the life-changing difference our staff here can make to develop students’ skills and support them in realising their ambitions.”

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