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Showcasing our future nursing courses across India

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Published: 22 March 2024

Bhanu Vullanki and Madhi Sivasubramanian

In mid-February, UoSiL colleagues Bhanu Vullanki and Madhi Sivasubramanian travelled to India to showcase our forthcoming nursing degree courses to prospective students. In a proud milestone for the London campus, the event saw UoSiL-specific degree courses being promoted to the ever-growing Indian market for the first time. 

Fulfilling our career-focused teaching and learning ambition means ensuring our academic courses meet the needs of the workplaces of today and the future. Putting this into practice, UoSiL has exciting plans to launch BSc Nursing Practice and MSc Nursing Practice courses, starting in October 2024 (subject to validation). 

Bhanu Vullanki and Madhi Sivasubramanian

“The market response to our expanded nursing programme has been overwhelmingly positive with both courses generating keen interest.” explains Bhanu (Deputy Head of Student Recruitment and Admissions). Aiming to showcase the new courses and the student experience offered by UoSiL - directly to prospective students - Bhanu and Madhi (Nursing and Public Health Programme Manager) completed an impressive 1,800-mile trip around India. 

The trip, supported by Bhavna Bagga from the University of Sunderland’s India Office and in partnership with new student recruitment partner, INSCOL Nursing, saw Bhanu and Madhi visiting educational institutions in three different cities - Chandigarh, Kochi, and Hyderabad. This included visiting the Saraswati Group of Medical Colleges in Chandigarh and meeting with current recruitment partners. 

Bhanu Vullanki and Madhi Sivasubramanian

As Bhanu explains, the visit proved highly beneficial for UoSiL and the prospective students “This strategic approach could be a game-changer for the university in the Indian market, supporting our expansion in the country. For the students, Madhi and I showed how our new nursing courses can assist them in their career journey to become a registered nurse in the UK – providing a much-needed workforce pipeline for the NHS.”. 

Nursing in India

Following the successful visit, further institutional visits to India by UoSiL colleagues are planned, especially given the unique opportunity it provides to engage directly with student communities across the country. 


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