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‘The Everyone Economy’ - We welcomed the Chartered Management Institute to our campus

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Published: 12 April 2024

In early March, the Postgraduate Business Management Team welcomed the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) to the University of Sunderland in London for a guest speaker session and interactive employability workshop.  

As part of the event, the CMI’s Daisy Hooper, Head of Policy and Innovation, and Manpreet Sooch, Engagement Manager, provided an in-depth overview for students and staff on the CMI’s The Future of Management: The Everyone Economy research report.  

In its 75th-anniversary year, the CMI embarked on a research initiative to explore the essential skills and capabilities that managers and leaders must cultivate to successfully navigate the post-pandemic era. The research has led to a compelling conclusion: a relentless focus on genuine inclusion is crucial for shaping a better economic and social future. With the report arguing that prioritising and fostering genuine inclusion is instrumental in driving organisations towards sustained success. 

"The topics discussed in The Everyone Economy report absolutely align with the strategies we teach students as part of our Business and Management courses helping them to prepare for their future careers. This is because inclusivity and innovation complement each other, with the implementation of the associated elements of corporate social responsibility relying heavily on management teams for successful implementation." - Dr Ural Arslangulov, Lecturer and Deputy Programme Manager

In the second part of the session, Manpreet Sooch provided an employability workshop for MBA students that focused on effectively applying CMI employability tools such as the Career Development Centre, and Interview Simulator.  

These tools allow students to explore career paths, create and refine CVs, practice and improve interview skills, and assess strengths, weaknesses, and leadership potential. Complementing UoSiL’s broader employability and careers support services, these tools aim to enhance students' employability skills, navigate the job market more effectively, and pursue rewarding career paths in management and leadership roles.