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Five places to eat around campus

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Published: 4 March 2022


We all know how important a good, balanced diet is when studying. Food not only fuels your body but what you eat impacts your mind, making it something you really need to consider while working on your degree. 

Luckily, you are studying in one of the world’s greatest foodie cities - London. Plus, being a stone’s throw from Canary Wharf means you have access to a diverse, exciting and affordable range of quality food to fuel your education. 

We wanted to highlight some of the places we’ve found, with a focus on a diversity of dishes and low prices.  


First off is for anyone wanting to grab a quick bite to eat and take it practically anywhere. 

The closest to the campus is a Tesco Express opposite the DLR station, but there is also a Co-Op on Cassilis Road, a Tian Tian Asian food market on Lantern’s Way and a Nisa Local on Manchester Road. 

All of these provide quick take away lunches ranging from sandwiches and salads to noodles and sushi.  


This typical izakaya (or small Japanese restaurant) can be found just behind our Marsh Wall building. 

It offers lunch and dinner options including popular dishes like sashimi and grilled mackerel with a set meal of a main, rice, soup and side dish all for eat in or take out. 

Bagel Express 

Located near our new Harbour Exchange building, Bagel Express offers a wide range of these classic sandwiches.  

Go in for something familiar such as salt beef or salmon and cream cheese or experiment with things like the chicken deluxe or the brie and tomato.  

NK African Cuisine 

Further down is NK African Cuisine where you can get plates of jollof rice with plantains and okra chicken stews. 

Among the most affordable on this list, you’ll be able to get a hot and filling meal to take away.  

Lemongrass Kitchen 

Just down the road from the Marsh Wall building, Lemongrass Kitchen is a takeaway-only pan-Asian eatery. 

They offer a wide range of popular dishes like chicken katsu and Pad Thai alongside their speciality nasi lemak (a Malaysian dish of rice anchovies and sambal sauce). 

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This is just a small sampling of the wonderful array of food around the University of Sunderland in London.  

We would love to hear about some of the best places you’ve found to eat. Share your favourites with the community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Please note: The University of Sunderland in London does not have any connection with any of the businesses listed above.