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Published: 27 April 2020

University of Sunderland in London student on the internet

Whether you’ve just started at the University of Sunderland in London, you’re coming to the end of your course or you’re somewhere in the middle, the life of a university student can be overwhelming. Luckily, the internet is filled with tools, tips and resources to help students like you with everything from study and finances to cooking and relaxing. We’ve listed our top ten websites to help you streamline your student experience. 


1) Lifehacker

Lifehacker has hundreds of articles aimed at helping you improve the way you study, think and live. With typical stories including ‘Take Notes That Can Be Understood Two Weeks From Now’ and ‘Now Is the Time to Embrace Your Guilty Pleasures’, you’ll find something on there worth your time.

Visit the site at

2) Student Recipies 

A healthy, balanced diet (with the occasional chocolate cheat day) is essential to keep your energy levels up while you’re studying. Student Recipies is an easy to use site, filled with simple recipes for even the least confident cooks. Popular recipes include the paneer sandwich and Nutella hot chocolate.

Visit the site at

3) The University of Sunderland in London Library

The University’s Library has a site you should all visit and get to know very well. You can get information on using the Library, get support for your specific subject and grow your study skills. Make sure you take a look at their Resources page as well. You’ll find a huge list of links to websites with academic and general reading material to help with your studies.

Visit the site at

4) Totum

Because being a student can be expensive, especially in London, lots of companies offer discounts to help you focus on your student life, rather than worrying about the cost of a food shop or missing out on your social life. Totum is the official discount site of the National Union of Students (NUS). They have hundreds of offers on everything from smartphones to shoes. Take a look and apply for your Totum card to start saving. 

Visit the site at

5) TED Talks 

TED (or Technology Entertainment and Design) is a global conference movement, presenting unique talks on a huge range of subjects from highly respected speakers. You’re very likely to find interesting and innovative talks on anything you’re interested in but some of the most popular include ‘Your body language may shape who you are’ and ‘How great leaders inspire action’

Visit the site at

6) Project Gutenberg 

Project Gutenberg was founded on the idea that reading should be free and accessible to everyone. After an author has passed away (the exact length of time after their death varies from country to country and type of work), books lose their copyright and become public domain. That means you can access them for free. Project Gutenberg aims to put digital versions of every public domain book on their website for anyone to access. Their most popular books include Pride and Prejudice, the Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe and Frankenstein.

Visit the site at

7) Bright Education 

Bright Education is a news and information site dedicated to universities and student life. Along with a wide-ranging news section, there are helpful articles on health and wellbeing, careers, finances and more. 

Visit the site at

8) University of Sunderland in London Careers 

The Careers and Employability team at the University have a website dedicated to helping you get job-ready. Visit the site for training opportunities including the Business Enterprise Certificate and the Digital Media Marketing free course along with work opportunities and advice. 

Visit the site at

9) Cite This For Me 

Getting the formatting of citations wrong is one of the most common issues for students writing essays. Cite This For Me aims to help you out with that. Simply choose your citation style and type of publication (journal article, website etc) and enter the title. Cite This For Me will give you the exact text you need to put in your essay and bibliography. 

Visit the site at

10) University of Sunderland in London 

Finally, no list would be complete without our own site (the one you’re on right now!). Along with all the information you could possibly need to know before applying for your course, you can find a growing range of articles on everything from what music you should listen to while you study to the students who sailed to Sunderland. There are case studies, support, opportunities and so much more so make sure you explore.

Visit the site at

The internet is a huge and ever-changing place. We’d love to hear about some of the sites that have improved your student experience. Share your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #WeAreSunLon.