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How to use TechGuru

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Published: 31 March 2023

Student using a computer

Technology is amazing. The internet has brought us the entire sum of human knowledge in our pockets, laptops have made it simple to write and edit our assignments and as we all learned during the pandemic [LINK], we’re more connected now than we’ve ever been.  

But what happens when the tools you rely on to help you with your studies stop working? How about if you need a piece of tech but don’t have access to it at home?   

That’s where TechGuru comes in. The University of Sunderland in London’s dedicated team of specialists are available to help you with all your technological needs through their Service Portal 

This website lets you report any faults you come across with on-campus technology, request a laptop to help you study and get information on everything from free Microsoft Office software to logging in to Compass.  

It’s there for you when you need it, so we thought it would be a good idea to walk you through how it works.  

Getting access  

Logging into the TechGuru Service Portal couldn’t be simpler. Just follow the link labelled IT Support (TechGuru) at the bottom of any page on the University of Sunderland in London website.  

From there enter your regular username and password or, if you don’t have access to that, click ‘LOGIN AS GUEST’ at the top of the page.  


You’ll be presented with something that looks like this:  


Screenshot from the TechGuru homepage


The most useful links here are:   

Report a fault  

This section is for when something goes wrong. Having problems with one of our printers? Need assistance getting into Canvas? Go here for help.  

Simply fill out your name and email (you can also give your mobile number, but it’s not a requirement).  

Next, click the drop-down under ‘Template’ and choose one of the options in the _Student specific category.  

Finally, provide some detail – the title, a description of the issue, how urgent it is and any attachments which might be relevant. That could be a screenshot or photo of your problem for example. Then just hit submit and one of the team will get back to you.  

Student Specific Requests  

You can come here to request a laptop. It’s essentially the same form as the one you use to report a fault except most of the fields are filled in for you already.  

Simply provide your email address, name, urgency and any attachments before clicking submit.  

FAQs – Guides  

You might find this section to be the most useful of all the pages on the TechGuru Service Portal.  

Here you can find 30 of the most commonly asked questions students have about their technological needs.  

Some of the most popular include ‘How can students get Microsoft Office FREE for personal use’, ‘Cannot log in to Compass’ and ‘OneDrive and SharePoint’.  

But you can also learn about everything from working with two monitors and adding a student email to your mobile to using the printers and inserting a cover page in Word 

There’s so much more in the FAQ section, so it’s worth going through it and finding out about all the technological services the team provides.  

The University of Sunderland in London is here to help make sure you get the most out of your time studying with us.   

That includes access to, and training on, the technology you need to achieve your goals.   

Learn more about our dedication to improving your skills in the articles on Digital Inclusion and Digital Coaches.   

Share your feedback and ask questions on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Make sure you include #WeAreSunLon in your post.