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Parenting under lockdown

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Published: 29 July 2020

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Health and Wellbeing Manager Nancy Bradley is back with some helpful advice on managing your wellbeing as a parent during the lockdown. 

“Having children comes with huge challenges, especially now. In this ever-changing world, a lot of people are struggling to adapt. Many of us are managing different responsibilities, from work to childcare and home-schooling. 

With us all spending more time at home this can have a huge impact on our families and relationships. Uncertainty and change are linked and learning how to work our way through them can be hard. But it’s important to think about your own wellbeing as much as other people’s.

Be realistic and kind to yourself

Things don’t always go to plan – especially at the moment - so try not to be too hard on yourself. This is a situation that no-one has faced before so don’t expect to be an expert on handling it. Instead, set small goals and be proud of the things you achieve.

Notice what’s on your mind

It’s OK to take some time for yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed. As parents or carers, it’s common to ignore our own wellbeing because we’re thinking more about others. Instead, think about it like this:

If we can’t find the time we need to concentrate on our own wellbeing then it can be hard to be there for others as well. 

Speak to people about how you’re feeling. You’ll find the support is there for you. That includes the help you can get from your Health and Wellbeing team.

Connect with other parents

This is probably one of the hardest times that any of us have lived through, especially as parents. Talking to people about how you’re feeling can support your own wellbeing. 

Although you can’t expect anyone to take away the cause of your stress or worry, it can help to realise that you’re not alone. There are plenty of other parents who are feeling exactly the same way you are.”

There are loads of great resources online to help parents through the pandemic. Don’t forget the Health and Wellbeing Team are here for you if you need support. You can book a one-to-one with them through or call them on 0207 531 7343.

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