Case Study

Kenny Tuki

MSc International Business Management

Kenny Tuki and her sister Taiwo decided to study for their Business degrees at the University of Sunderland in London to help their struggling company. Now, with the knowledge they’ve gained, their business is flourishing and Kenny has found a passion for working with students.

We started as a legal advice business, but we were struggling with clients. So I wanted to find a way to transition the company to a business management consultancy

"I’ve co-owned my company with my twin sister Taiwo since 2005. It’s what led both of us to pursue a Top Up BA and a postgraduate degree in Business Management.

The company started as an immigration advice service, but around 2016/17 the client-side of our business was struggling. We’d launched it because of our backgrounds in paralegal work, but we’d found that there wasn’t as much of a need for the service as we’d hoped. We had to reassess and decided to pivot to a management consultancy. But that meant we needed to get more knowledge so we could advise our clients more effectively. 

Studying at the University meant I could focus my course options on the areas of our new business I felt needed the most work. I found the modules on tailoring business strategies to companies of different sizes really useful. Plus the University is close to my business, which made it easier to study at the same time as working. 

I even found myself getting really involved in the life of the University. I became a Student Ambassador, where I got to meet lots of people with different backgrounds and develop long-lasting friendships. I also become involved in exciting projects and assisted staff in hosting events and tours for our students.

Once I graduated, I decided to apply for a  part-time role as a Student Relations Assistant. I was lucky enough to get it, but that’s on top of my business! Despite the extra hours, I feel like I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve been able to use my new knowledge to improve my company, which is doing better than ever."


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