Case Study

Victoria Kameni

MSc Finance and Management

Victoria Kameni is a recent graduate of the University of Sunderland in London’s Business Enterprise Certificate. The MSc Finance and Management student tells us of the kinds of things she’s learned.

In my degree, I’m learning a lot about funding business operations and finance. 

“I found out about this course through the adverts the University sent out to our emails.

That got me interested. I was looking for a way to learn a few more real-life skills I could put into setting up a company when I graduate.

I was excited to get tips on planning and developing a business idea.

In my degree, I’m learning a lot about funding business operations and finance.

It’s great academic knowledge, but I wanted to get some more, practical advice for my specific business ideas.

The Business Enterprise Certificate is giving me that, helping me to learn how to use the knowledge I’ve picked up in my course to sustain a company.

Among the many things I came away with was an understanding of the key areas of management, team working, communication and decision making that are essential parts of the business world.

That’s the most useful thing the course has given me, an insight into how business actually works.

The teaching is brilliantly interactive. Over the six weeks of the class, you’re taught by different people from all walks of life.

I loved the teams-based discussions and exchanges of ideas that have already made a huge impact on my plans.

Whether you’re in the early stages of a business plan or have run a company for years, this course is worth it for you.”

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