Case Study

Motiur Rahman

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Motiur Rahman is coming up to his graduation. He tells us how encouragement from his late father and a desire to take his next career steps led him to study for his MBA at the University of Sunderland in London.

I can’t wait for graduation. It’s a chance to celebrate my success with my teachers, fellow students and family.

It was my late dad’s wish for me that I complete my masters.  

I have a background in finance, having worked as Relationship Manager for Santander bank before joining the University of Sunderland in London. 

My dad was always proud of that, but he knew I wanted more. That’s why he encouraged me to study here. 

An MBA is my way of moving forward with my career. I chose to do the main MBA course, rather than the MBA (Finance) to give myself a wide range of choices in the future. 

I want to work as a Product Manager, or maybe run my own business. But whatever I decide to do, my studies have given me the tools to achieve it. 

I like to think my past experience gave me a lot of knowledge before I started studying here. But what I’ve learnt on the course, the theory and business skills, are steps ahead.  

I now have an understanding of the pros and cons of different kinds of business, corporate finance and digital technology. 

Considering how important all three have been in shaping the modern world, I’m grateful to have had an opportunity to learn about them. 

The University itself has loads of facilities for study and great lecture rooms. I’ve also had a lot of academic support from the lecturers who are all very experienced teachers. 

But one of the biggest advantages for my interests has been the links with local enterprises and the business community.  

It’s allowed me to grow my professional network, which is something I’ll definitely need in the future. 

I can’t wait for graduation. It’s a chance to celebrate my success with my teachers, fellow students and family. 

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