Anna Petrova

BA (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Anna Petrova is a student at the University of Sunderland in London studying for her BA (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management degree. She tells us about coming from her country to study in the UK and how her course is preparing her for the world of work.

The most successful people never stop being students. I truly believe that with more knowledge comes more success.  

"I started working as soon as I left school, without thinking about going into higher education.

My home country of Bulgaria is small but very beautiful and has a lively tourist sector, so it made sense to me that I work in the industry there.

Eventually, I worked my way up to leadership positions, but I knew I wanted to take my professional story further.

That’s why I decided to come to the UK. I’m looking to continue my growth and develop further in the tourism and hospitality sector.

But if you want to reach the next level, you must find a new version of yourself. The degree is helping me do that.

The tourism sector is one of the biggest industries in the world. Which means there are loads of careers opportunities to help me progress in life.

All that has led me to be here, in this amazing city and finding myself highly motivated to succeed.

The University of Sunderland in London is the best place for me to gain the professional qualifications I need.

It’s got a reputation for providing a high level of education and student satisfaction.

The course itself is so interesting. In particular, I’m loving the Foundations of Business and Tourism, Practical Numeracy Skills and Essential Study Skills in this first year.

They’re really practical, helping me to learn how to build resilient and sustainable workflows for an industry that is having to adapt quickly to the world right now.

I always want to develop and keep reaching new, higher places in my career. Ultimately, my aim is to create my own international tourism agency one day.

The idea of connecting people, working to build a client-focused brand culture with an authentic and distinctive spirit that leads to progress and change, inspires me to work hard in my classes.

Learning about relationship building and communication on this course is helping me understand the sorts of situations that could come up in my business.

It’s also giving me the tools I’ll need to combat any problems that come up with action plans and strong partnerships.

The most successful people never stop being students. I truly believe that with more knowledge comes more success.

A year ago, I jumped off a high cliff into the deep water of my first academic adventure. It’s probably been the toughest, most transformative challenges of my life.

But over the last twelve months, I’ve benefited from the University’s extremely organised online schedule of modules, lectures and workshops.

I believe in my University of Sunderland in London life-changing journey. It’s all been worth it!"

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