Monika Godo

BSc (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Monika Godo is graduating this month from her BSc (Hons) in International Tourism and Hospitality Management. She tells us about what drives her to reach her goals and complete her degree, as well as why she’s so active in life on campus.

I want, above anything else, to learn. I’m so excited to graduate and start the next phase of my academic journey.

I’ve had an amazing time over the last three years at the University of Sunderland in London.  

Since starting in 2017, I’ve been involved in a lot of volunteer roles, including as a Student Representative for my course.  

It has allowed me to really get to know my fellow students, as well as the staff here, and support their needs.  

I’m originally from Hungary, and my family there were hit hard by the pandemic.   

It’s been really tough, but we can’t change the past. All we can do is look towards the future.  

That’s what this degree represents for me. I’ve finished with a grade I’m proud of and now I’m going to be moving on to the MSc Tourism and Hospitality course.  

I really believe in the power of higher education. It’s what drives me.   

Recently I was elected on to the Student Retention Steering Board of the whole University of Sunderland.   

We work on ways of opening access for students to continue with their degrees, combating things like financial difficulties and lack of confidence in academic ability.  

I’m also a new Part-Time Representative in the Students’ Union 

I think it’s important that the University of Sunderland in London has a voice on both committees.  

We have so many passionate, brilliant students who should know that they can achieve great things during their time here.  

When I came to this country, I basically knew no English whatsoever.   

That’s actually one of the reasons I wanted to study in the first place. It was motivating for me.   

I had to reach a certain level just to start the degree, but if I was going to do well, I really had to work at it.  

I jumped at the opportunity because I genuinely believe knowledge, more than money is the thing that makes you wealthy.   

I want, above anything else, to learn. I’m so excited to graduate and start the next phase of my academic journey. 

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