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Has Hospitality lost its way?

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Published: 31 January 2022

Lecturer in Postgraduate Business Alessandro Ferrazza

On Tuesday 22nd February at 10am, the University of Sunderland in London invites you to a unique discussion on the future of the hospitality industry.  

This event, open to members of the University community, brings together some of the sector’s biggest names to debate the way forward following the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Hosted by our own Lecturer in Postgraduate Business, Alessandro Ferrazzo, this will be your chance to get involved in one of the most vital topics the hospitality sector has ever faced.  

With hotels and restaurants feeling the pinch of multiple lockdowns and staffing challenges following the 2016 Brexit vote, now is the time to consider how the industry will pick itself up and grow in the years to come.  

“This conference comes at a particularly complex time for the hospitality sector. Students entering the industry after graduation are likely going to find a very different landscape to the one that existed just a few years ago. Getting involved in these topics now is an important part of preparing for your future career.” - Alessandro Ferrazzo, Lecturer (Postgraduate Business) 

We’re excited to be inviting back Ian Sarson, former CEO of the Compass Group and previous guest lecturer at the University, alongside Tim Cookson, Chairman and Founder of Litmus Partnership and the Director of the Institute of Hospitality’s Supervisory Board, Alex Thum, General Manager of Club Quarters Hotels, and Simon Tucker-Brown, Manager Director of the PSD executive recruitment consultancy group. 

They will be joined by the recently appointed CEO of independent food hospitality provider Baxter Storey, Ronan Harte and Robert Richardson, CEO of the Institute of Hospitality. 

This is a particularly exciting opportunity for people considering applying to one of our Tourism, Hospitality and Events courses, giving you the chance to hear from the people running the kinds of companies you may want to work in.  

Current and Prospective students will benefit from hearing about the cutting edge debates in the industry, as well as contributing their own thoughts and networking with both the guest speakers and fellow conference attendees.  

The event will be live-streamed for those unable to attend.

To find out more about Alessandro, visit his profile page and read his article on experiential learning at university.  

Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels using #WeAreSunLon for the latest updates on this event and many more coming your way soon.