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Student named finalist in Association for Project Management awards

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Published: 22 August 2022


MSc Project Management student Baris Yurttas

MSc Project Management student Baris Yurttas has been named as a finalist in the Association for Project Management’s Branch Awards 2022.
Originally from Turkey, Baris has made the finals of the Student of the Year category, which recognises students’ project skills and/or achievements within the field of project management.
Speaking of the announcement, Baris claims to have done nothing special: “If you ask me what I’ve done differently [to other students], I just did my projects, that’s it,” he says humbly.
“But probably there was something different [that made me stand out] from the other ones,” he admits.


Having previously completed his undergraduate studies in Cyprus, Baris was back in his native Turkey working as an E-commerce manager until the pandemic changed his thinking. After a recommendation from a friend, he decided to return to higher education and began his postgraduate studies at the University of Sunderland in London.

The university would like to congratulate Baris on being named a finalist and keenly await the results of the awards.