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Which business course is right for me?

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Published: 7 January 2022

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Business degrees are the most popular courses studied, not just at the University of Sunderland in London but in UK universities generally.   

With a huge number available and a wide range of possible careers to go into, it’s easy to see why.  

But if you want to go after your business goals, how exactly do you choose the course that’s right for you?  

What level are you at?  

The first, and perhaps easiest, question to answer is ‘what degree level should you be studying?’  

A good starting point here is to look at which other courses you have studied in the past if any.  

Say, for example, you’ve already completed an FdA Business and Management, it makes sense to apply for the BA (Hons) Business Management and Entrepreneurship (Top-Up) to bring your degree up to the next level.  

But if you’ve already done the MSc International Business Management it might be worth thinking about studying for your MBA Master of Business Administration 

Working out your next steps is a good way of getting all your options together.  

What are your passions?  

Once you know whether you should be doing a foundation course, bachelors, top-up, masters or MBA, you’ll be presented with several options of what to do next.  

Deciding which stream of business, you want to work in can seem overwhelming. It’s a broad industry and encompasses practically every aspect of life.  

If you’re looking at our undergraduate and masters courses, the options are a little simpler.  

Most are centred around the general concepts of business, aimed at giving you a broad overview of the theories you will need in any sector.   

But if you’re thinking of taking a higher degree it’s time to ask yourself what it is about business that excites you the most.   

Do you like communicating with people? In which case consider our MBA in Marketing. Think you want to work in the energy sector? Take a look at the MSc Oil and Gas Management degree.  

The best thing you can do is look through each of the Business and MBA courses and see which fits with your ambitions the best.  

Broad or focused?  

Another way of looking at this is how specific do you want to be? At the University of Sunderland in London, we pride ourselves on giving you a well-rounded education.  

But we also want to help you reach your career goals, even if they’re very focused. The MBA degrees, for example, give you the option to study the widest range of theories and ideas.   

But if you want to specialise in one area, consider some of our more specific courses including the MBA Supply Chain Management, MBA Human Resources Management, MBA Cybersecurity and many others.  

Once you’ve got an idea of the course you want to study, it’s worth gathering a bit more information.  

Think about attending one of our Open Days, booking a Personal Consultation, downloading a Prospectus or registering your interest in the course.

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