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Published: 3 June 2020

The Health and Wellbeing Team at the University of Sunderland in London is proud to offer free access to Fika: Mental Fitness - the mental health education app - for all our students. The app is designed to help you in our student community learn practical mental fitness techniques so you can thrive in your studies and beyond.

Fika has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with a series of 5-minute videos, audio programmes and written advice from expert psychologists, other students, academics and professional athletes. They’re all aimed at helping you take on the challenges of studying from home and the impact the lockdown can have on your mental health. Topics covered include managing distractions and uncertainty, maintaining motivation and positivity, staying connected, self-care and healthy habits.

You’ll come away from insights into the science behind your mental health, and get an understanding of the seven key skills of mental fitness: 

1) Focus

2) Confidence

3) Motivation

4) Connections

5) Positivity

6) Meaning

7) Managing stress

On top of all of this, you’ll also have the chance to take part in Fika’s daily community fitness workout. Share your experiences, learn from other people in the community and cheer your colleagues on.

How do I download the app?

To download the app, simply search for ‘Fika: Mental Fitness in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

You can also find the app by scanning this QR code:

QR code to download the Fika app

How do I register to use the app? 

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to register to use it. It’s a simple process, but follow these steps to get started:

1) Open the app and tap ‘Get started for Free’

2) Confirm you are over 16 and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

3) Search for, and select, the University of Sunderland in London in the institution list

4) Enter your University email address and the password you want to use

5) Check your University inbox for a verification email and click the link in the email

6) Your registration is complete. Now you can enjoy the app!


Mental fitness personal trainer programme

Fika also organises and run mental fitness personal training for staff and students. They’re aimed at helping you regulate your thoughts and emotions to give you the tools you’ll need to act in a positive way, no matter what life throws at you. More information on the personal trainer programme will be announced soon. 

You can access the app for free at any time until January 2021. So explore the Fika: Mental Fitness app and get through lockdown with positivity! If you want more information about the app, or want to talk about anything else to do with Health and Wellbeing, contact the team at or call them on 0207 5317 343.

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