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Diversity and Empowering Men: International Men's Day 2023

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Published: 20 November 2023

International Men's Day 2023

International Men's Day (IMD) is an annual event celebrated worldwide to recognise and appreciate the contributions and achievements of men while addressing the challenges they face. At the University of Sunderland in London (UoSiL), we believe in fostering a supportive and inclusive community that acknowledges the diverse experiences of all our students. This year, our Students Union (SU) is taking the lead in commemorating IMD with a special event that aims to promote awareness, understanding, and unity among our student body.  

What is International Men's Day? 

Celebrated on November 19th each year, this day serves as an opportunity to highlight issues affecting men, promote positive masculinity, and encourage open conversations around mental health, well-being, and gender equality. It's a day to celebrate the positive contributions men make to society, both academically and personally.

International Men's Day 2023

History and the origins

IMD originated in the early 1990s, conceived by Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, a history professor from Trinidad and Tobago. First observed on November 19, 1999, IMD addresses global issues affecting men's well-being, including mental health, gender-based violence, and societal expectations. Since then, it has gained international recognition providing a platform to discuss men's challenges, celebrate positive masculinity, and promote gender equality. 

Why does it matter?

 It highlights the importance of acknowledging and supporting men's roles in family, community, and workplace settings. By encouraging open conversations and dismantling harmful stereotypes, the day contributes to building a more inclusive and compassionate society that values the diverse experiences and perspectives of all individuals. 

International Men's Day 2023

Celebration at the UoSiL 

We are gearing up to mark this significant occasion with a series of insightful events. The highlight of the celebration is an event organised by the Students' Union (SU) on the 20th of November 2023, bringing together students, staff, and esteemed speakers to address important issues surrounding men's well-being, mental health, and self-reflection.  

International Men's Day 2023

For our International Men's Day event at the HX4 campus, from 11 am to 3 pm, we come together to celebrate, reflect, and engage in meaningful conversations about men's experiences.  

The event will provide a platform for students to engage in meaningful discussions, gain insights into the challenges faced by men, and celebrate the achievements of our male students. Through interactive sessions, workshops, and guest speakers, attendees will have the chance to explore various aspects of positive masculinity, mental health, and well-being. 

Our celebration of International Men's Day is not only an opportunity to reflect on important issues but also to create a supportive and inclusive community. The event organised by the SU promises to be a dynamic and thought-provoking experience, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds to engage in meaningful conversations about men's personal growth.