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Student living

How to live with students

Many students choose to live with their peers. Living with other students can help keep you on schedule, adds to your university experience and creates a base for your life in London.

Student Accommodation

What you pay

As a student living in the UK with fellow students you’re exempt from paying council tax.

Once you have found your perfect property you will be given a contract of Terms and Conditions – a Tenancy Agreement which is a binding contract. After you've signed your Tenancy Agreement, you're obliged to pay your rental amount each month.

There will also be a contract which the landlord or letting agent has to follow. This agreement makes sure they resolve any issues with your property while you are staying there. It's important that you read both of these documents carefully before signing anything.

When you rent in the UK, you'll be expected to pay a deposit, normally two months rent, before moving in. This will be held in a tenancy deposit scheme until you move out if you have followed the terms of your tenancy agreement.

Getting the information

If you are confused or unsure about some of the information provided by your landlord, always ask for clarification before making a commitment or paying any money.

Where possible visit your chosen accommodation before handing over any money or signing a contract. Check fittings, furniture and the security of the accommodation. Ask for gas certificates and make sure there are carbon monoxide and fire detectors in the property (all properties require this by law).

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