Case Study

Carla Ivanik

MSc International Business Management

Carla Ivanik is a University of Sunderland in London student working towards her MSc International Business Management degree. In this case study, she tells us about her experience on the course and why she’s optimistic for her future.

The course is a great way to bolster my knowledge, giving me tools that I didn’t have before. 

“Coming to London, for me was all about education. When I got here, my aim was to study, to reach my academic goals with my future in mind. 

Of course, like a lot of people, I had to work at the same time. But I’m proud to say that I never lost sight of my reason for being in this city. 

I guess I’ve always been fascinated by business. The idea of working, producing something, whether that’s for someone else or even starting my own company, is exciting to me.  

It’s an opportunity to showcase the qualities that make me who I am. But it’s also a chance to use my knowledge in a practical way. 

That’s why I applied for the University of Sunderland in London to study business management.  

The course is a great way to bolster my knowledge, giving me tools that I didn’t have before. 

I was attracted to the course because of its great employability rating. I think it’s so important to have the reassurance that the people who came before you got to where they wanted to go. 

It means you know you’re making the right decision.  

I also liked the way the University presents itself. That’s something that really won me over from the beginning.  

There’s a lot of emphasis on the friendly atmosphere and community spirit. When you get here, you learn just how true that is. 

Since I started, I’ve made so many new contacts, building my network which is obviously important for my ambitions.  

But getting to meet new people, making friends, that’s what makes the University experience special. 

When it comes to classes, I genuinely find it difficult to pick one module out as the best because they’re all just perfect for me. 

Every one of them has taught me something different, covering all the areas of my business education that I was worried might be missing.  

Coming to study the MSc International Business Management at the University of Sunderland in London was easily one of the best decisions I’ve made. 

Anyone coming here will see just how much support is out there for you, from the lecturers to the Health and Wellbeing team. 

I would like to thank my teachers and the support staff in London for everything they’ve done for me as a student here.  

We’ve all been through some really challenging times, but with their help and guidance, I know I’ve got a bright future.” 

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