Case Study


BA (Hons) Business Management

For Fatima studying for her BA (Hons) in Business Management has opened the door to career development. She explains how she has been able to work and study at the same time, and how going on to a masters at the University has lead to a promotion.

University has been an awesome experience. That’s why I want to stay on to do a masters.

My teacher at college recommended the University of Sunderland in London to me and I’m so glad they did. To begin with, I felt really nervous. But after completing my degree I’m definitely ready for the challenge of a masters. This is my time! I’ve gotten married and had children, now I can get back to my studies. Everyone is super supportive here.

I’ve even become an International Officer. This means I regularly go up to Sunderland to make sure that everything is going well for the international students up there. I’m a class rep too, which means I get to help my classmates with any issues they might have.

The company I work for has been really helpful, allowing me two days of study a week and the timetable means I don’t need to take any more time off. I’ve been offered a promotion when I complete my masters which is fantastic. All that hard work is really starting to pay off!

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